Please submit one or more abstracts, and follow the instructions below. We will peer review each abstract, and based on the score we will select speakers for oral presentations.

Select the SVH Symposium 2017 under Event Information. Choose a topic that best fits your research activity.

Please fill in the Presenter Information box, and remember to select a preference (poster or oral presentation).

Abstract text is limited to 250 words. Please make sure that your abstract including title, author list, affiliations and abstract text fits in one page when preparing it in your text editor.

Only author list, affiliations and abstract text must be added to the text box. Please use the corresponding text box to add your abstract title.

Author list: please use the following format to prepare your author list: First name: full name: Middle names: first letter separated by a dot; Surname: full surname; E.g. Name M. Surname. Each author must be separated by a comma and the affiliation must be a number as superscript after the author name.

Affiliations: list the different author’s affiliation following the numbers set in the author list. Similar affiliations must be grouped under the same number. Please only write the name of the author’s Institute and/or University. Do not include address or country.

Abstract text: Please follow the following general structure for your abstract:

Background: (should include hypothesis and aims)
Methods: (if statistical results are reported, you must state the statistical methods used)
Results: (you must include appropriately-analyzed numerical data if your investigation is quantitative in nature)
Discussion: (should include conclusions, significance and innovation and translational potential of project)

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