Welcome to the 25th annual St Vincent’s Health Australia
Sydney Precinct Research Symposium

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Abstract Submissions Closed

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the 25th annual SVCRS, following great successes in previous years. This year we have joined forces with the Postdoctoral Development Committee for a special two day event to mark this most special of anniversaries. As always we are trying to link this special event in with Research Week as much as possible. This is a purposeful reflection of collaboration between the broader activities captured by Research Week across our Precinct and the endeavours of our Campus Research Symposium to celebrate this breadth of research.

This year we have a packed two-day symposium commencing on Thursday morning with oral presentations and finishing Friday afternoon with a Panel Discussion on ‘Precision medicine and the future of science funding’. Again we recognise up and coming early career researchers across the campus with our “Rising Stars” session. In addition, distinguished invited speakers for this year’s symposium include Professor Kathryn North and Professor Doug Hilton.

The meeting will take place at the Auditorium within the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Darlinghurst, Sydney and presents a unique opportunity to ‘cross-pollinate’ within our local research community to enable collaboration.

Look out for our coffee cart for your FREE early morning caffeine fix (9 -11 am) and be sure to visit all sponsor’s booths in order to have a chance of winning some of the excellent prizes on offer from our Exhibitor Passport.

On behalf of the 2017 SVCRS organising committee and the Postdoctoral Development Committee, we hope you enjoy the program!

Samantha Oakes (Chair)


25th St Vincent’s Campus Symposium Organising Committee

Samantha Oakes (Garvan, Chair)

Alex Viardot (Garvan)

Lynn Croft (Garvan)

Michelle McDonald (Garvan)

Thomas Cox (Garvan)

Anna Byrne (SVH)

Monique Windley (VCCRI)

Charles Cox (VCCRI)

Christine Blake (AMR)

Michael Lovelace (AMR)

Dianne Morris (SVH)

Gonzalo del Monte Nieto (VCCRI)

Niall Byrne (Garvan)

6th St Vincent’s Postdoc Symposium Organising Committee


Emily Edwards (Garvan, Co-chair)

David Herrmann (Garvan, Co-chair)

Niall Byrne (Garvan)

Marcia Munoz (Garvan)

Brigid O’Gorman (Garvan)

Simon Junankar (Garvan)

Nathan Zammit (Garvan)

Nenad Bartonicek (Garvan)

Jeng Yie Chan (Garvan)

Matthew Perry (VCCRI)

Gonzalo del Monte Nieto (VCCRI)

Gayathri Sundaram (AMR)

Carole Ford (AMR)